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behr Labor-Technik

  • More than 66 years of experience in the development, manufacture and sale of laboratory equipment. Over time, the company has grown from a small family-run business to an internationally active corporation.
  • Today, customers all over the world appreciate the quality, reliability and practical suitability of our equipment.
  • Our main focus lies on the production of laboratory equipment for environmental and food analysis: behr Labor-Technik has ranked for many years among the leading German suppliers of equipment for water, waste water and sludge analysis applications. Our offer ranges from cost-effective compact
  • equipment to fully automated workstations for standardised analyses in accordance with national and international standards (DIN/DEV, ISO/EN etc.).

Products for Food & feed analysis

  • Nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl
  • Extraction
  • Crude fiber
  • Reflux distillation
  • Further determinations
  • Determination of fibers