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ADVANTEC group is the first manufacturer of filter paper for laboratory use in Japan since 1916, and is the only manufacturer in Japan that produces all types of filtration media and filtration systems ranging from laboratory to industrial use.

We aim to serve the pharmaceutical, public health, food and beverage, health care, life sciences and electronics industries with high quality products for separation science. Our product range includes membrane filters, prefiltration
media, glass fiber and cellulose filters, qualitative and quantitative filter papers, specialty test papers, cartridge
filters, industrial filter papers and an extensive range of filter holders in stainless steel, plastic, and glass for laboratory and process applications.

Customers have the right to expect the highest quality products we can produce. We manufacture our filter products to exacting standards and have established quality control specifications to assure you of product consistency, reproducibility, uniform performance and superior product integrity. The bulk of our membrane filters, test papers, and filtration units are manufactured under a quality management system certified by Lloyd’s Register QA Ltd. as ISO 9001 approved. This certification is recognized by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and by the Japan Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment ( JAB).

Our goal continues to be what we have done for over 90 years: to manufacture consistent, reproducible quality products at the lowest possible cost and to provide the best possible service in their delivery.