Determination of Fiber & Crude Fibers

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Crude fiber determination with behr: ISO, AOAC and AACC compatible

There are regulations in place worldwide for the determination of crude fiber content. Standard procedures are applied such as  ISO 6865:2000, ISO 5498:2000 (AOAC Official Method 962.09) AACC method 32-10.01, etc.

Crude fiber determination is an element of the classic Weende feed analysis. For crude fiber determination the sample is - if required degreased - treated successively with boiling acid and alkaline dilutions in the prescribed concentrations. Following filtration with a sintered glass filter, the sample is washed, dried, weight and incinerated at 475 … 500 °C. The weight loss during incineration corresponds to the crude fiber content of the sample.

Determination of the fiber content of food

Fibers play an important role in human nutrition. The fiber content is generally determined by means of the classic AOAC 985.29 total crude fiber analysis (the so-called Prosky method) and the AOAC 991.43 total crude fiber analysis (applicable for the determination of total crude fiber content in grain, beans, vegetables and fruits and complies with the German "Official analysis procedure L00.00-18 for the determination of total fiber content" in acc. with § 64 LFGB).

Both methods subject the sample to a series of enzymatic digestions that simulate the actual digestion process that takes place in the human and animal digestive system. They calculated the undigested residues that remain at the end of the analysis.


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