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We work with world leading manufacturers from USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Czech, Poland, Spain, France, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and India in supplying scientific, laboratory instruments and environmental monitoring equipment.

Featured Products

Qualitative Filter Papers
Quantitative (Hardened) Filter Papers
Membrane Filters
Glass Fiber Filters
Extraction Thimbles

Specac, UK

Autotouch Hydraulic Press (FTIR + XRF Automatic Press)
Manual Hydraulic Press (FTIR + XRF Pellet Press)
Small Hydraulic Press (Handheld KBr Pellet Press)
Apex Quick Release Die (Automatic Eject Pellet Die)
Evacuable Pellet Dies (FTIR + XRF Dies)

Bellingham + Stanley (B+S), UK

RFM 300-M Series Refractometer
RFM 300-T Series Refractometer
RFM 700-M Series Refractometer
RFM 900-T Series Refractometer
ADP400 Series Polarimeter
OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer
Certified Reference Materials for Refractometers
Certified Reference Materials for Polarimeters

Behr Labor-Technik, Germany

Steam Distillation System
Standard Kjeldahl Block Digestion System
Rapid Digestion System with 25 Freely Configurable Programs for Energy and Digestion Time
Scrubber / Process Extraction System (Neutralizer)
Compact Soxhlet Extraction System (100ml extraction & 250ml round bottom flask)
Compact Soxhlet Extraction System (250ml extraction & 500ml round bottom flask)
Randall Extraction Apparatus
Semi-Automatic Crude Fibre Extraction Unit

CKIC, China

5E-C5808 Automatic Calorimeter
5E Series C/H/N Elemental Analyzer
5E-TCN2200 Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer
5E-MAG6700 Proximate Analyzer – TGA
5E-AF4115 Ash Fusion Determinator

Alpha MOS, France

Electronic Nose
Electronic Tongue
Electronic Eye

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