CKIC 5E-C5508 Automatic Calorimeter


CKIC 5E-C5508 Automatic Calorimeter

5E-C5508 is used to determine the calorific value of solid and liquid combustibles including oil, coal, coke, foodstuffs and biomass products. The calorific value is a crucial characteristic for each substance, also the key point to calculate the price of coal, so it will directly affect the economic benefits of the customers. This technique is widely applied in power plants, coal mines, metallurgy, chemical industry, commercial inspection, scientific research, etc.

Standard Configuration:
Main analyzer: Controlling Unit and Chiller
Standard CV bomb
Data System (PC & Printer) 
Ignition Wire
Benzoic Acid
O-ring kit
Tool kit

Optional Configuration:
Copy paper
Pellet press
Halogen Resistant Oxygen Vessel

With all 5E-C5500 features, additionally
Fully Automatic Oxygen Charging System
Integrated oxygen charging system, straight connection to oxygen cylinder via regulator, controlled by solenoid valve, 5E-C5508 is available for oxygen charging automatically. 

Fully Automatic Oxygen Vessel  Lifting System
Convenient operation compared with manual filling, in case of any slipping off. Water filling and draining during lifting, minimize the time for analysis and preparation.

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