Genie E EDI Pure Water System
Genie E EDI Pure Water System


Genie E EDI Pure Water System

Genie E EDI Pure Water System produces EDI water (Type II water) from tap water directly. Resistivity of the product water is above 5 MΩ•cm at 25 ℃ , which meets or exceeds Type II water quality as defined by ASTM, CAP, CLSI and ISO 3696 / BS 3997 and also complies with the purified water requirements from the European and U.S. Pharmacopoeia.

The system is CE/RoHS certified. RephiLe provides full documents support to meet user’s GMP, GSP, GAP, GCP, GLP requirements.


Design & Functions

  • The system can be linked to multiple dispensers via CAN cable or wireless. “1+N” Mode.
  • Exceptionally consistent and predictable high purity Type II water from the best-in-class EDI (electrodeionization) module.
  • Stable RO permeability over a wide range of temperatures on account of a temperature stabilization feedback function of the module.
  • An environmentally friendly In-line Mercury-free germicidal UV lamp is applied to kill bacteria.
  • A bypath automatically sends the RO water to the drain if it does not meet a preset quality standard. The RO drain water is reused to increase the water yield thus it is more environmentally friendly.
  • The main system can be tucked away to save precious bench space since it fits well to be wall-mounted, set on the shelf or under the sink.
  • Leak protector incorporated can prevent damage from a water leakage by shutting the feed water off in case of unexpected leaking.
  • Tank recirculation model guarantees water quality in the tank.
  • Fully automated system has RO cleaning, pre-rinsing, flush and lots of other self-maintenance functions. The chlorine cleaning and pH cleaning functions keep the maintenance easier and ensure optimal water quality.

Effective TOC level controlment

  • A tank sanitization module is equipped to effectively keep microbial growth at a lower level by LED UVC light.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

  • Performance history, alarms and alerts information, maintenance data of consumables as well as key parts are logged and traceable from a simple RFID scan at installation.
  • RFID tags ensure perfect placement of consumables and trace their performance.
  • Water quality, operation parameters, the status of the system, dispensers, components, and peripheral devices are stored and displayed on the large color touch screen monitor.
  • Signature verification for maintenance and service.

Cartridges and Parts

1. EDI module

Internal EDI module removes the remaining ions, further reduce the content of organic compounds and has a certain capacity to prevent the growth of bacteria from RO water.

Ion exchange resins are continuously regenerated by an electric field. No hazardous chemical regeneration or costly resin replacement is needed.

EDI module has a high degree of automation and minimal electricity consumption by using the equivalent of the energy.

2. Cartridge

Internal P Pack cartridge removes oxidants, organics, particles and scaling ions to prevent them from fouling the RO membranes and the EDI module.

AC Pack contains special activated carbon to remove organic impurities and free chlorines.

3. Control console

8-inch console controls system and peripheral devices (Such as leak protector and tank sanitization module). All operations can be done on the console by touching the screen.

The control console can be placed on the bench or inside a drawer for further flexibility and space saving.

The console screen and dispenser screens are water-drop proof. You can operate the console and dispenser with latex gloves on.

The system has two level password protection on display menu for safety purposes.

4. Dispenser

The volumetric function can automatically deliver the water volume you need once it is set up.

With the adjusting button on a control console or a dispenser, you can dispense water at the flow rate you need up to 2 liters per minute.

A dispenser handle can be set on the dispenser stand, on the main system, or even hanging onto other places to free up maximum bench space.

5. Final Filter

Various final filters (optional) are applicable to ensure ultrapure water without particles, bacteria or pyrogen.

6. Level sensor

The tank integrated continuous level sensor measures water level within the tank and manages the system to start or stop producing water automatically based on requirements.

Water level and quality inside the tank can be viewed from the control console.

Main Applications

EDI pure water can be used in many areas. Here are some typical applications.

  • Preparation of chemical bio-reagents
  • Preparation of culture media
  • Preparation of solution for chemical analysis such as HPLC and ICP
  • Feed water to ultrapure water systems
  • Feed water to medical device and equipment (clinical analyzers, Aging testers etc.)
  • For serum and blood fractionation
  • For ophthalmic


Feed Water Requirements
Tap water Municipal water, Conductivity < 2000 μS/cm (1000 ppm)
Operating temperature 5 - 35 ℃
Feed water pressure 1 - 6 bar (15 - 90 psi)
Water Flow Rate
Water production rate (@ 25℃) 5, 10, 15 L/hr
Water dispensing rate Up to 2.0 L/min
Product Water Quality
RO rejection 97 to 98% ionic rejection (new RO cartridge)
> 99% organic rejection
> 99% particulates & bacteria rejection
Water resistivity (@ 25℃) > 5 MΩ·cm (typically 10 - 16 MΩ·cm)
TOC* < 30 ppb
Product Water Quality Stored in Tank (for tank recirculation models)
Resistivity (25) > 1 MΩ·cm (default), adjustable
Main system dimensions Width × depth × height 32 × 44 × 54 cm (12.6 × 17.3 × 21.3 in)
Dispenser dimensions Width × depth × height 21 × 29 × 61 cm (8.3 × 11.4 × 24.0 in)
Weight 20 kg
Input Voltage 110 - 240 VAC
Operating Voltage 24 VDC
Main system power < 200 W

*Product water quality may vary due to local feed water conditions.

Ordering Information

  • Genie E 5 Water System    RG0E00500
  • Genie E 10 Water System    RG0E01000
  • Genie E 15 Water System    RG0E01500
  • Genie E 5 Water System, with tank recirculation    RG0E0050R
  • Genie E 10 Water System, with tank recirculation    RG0E0100R
  • Genie E 15 Water System, with tank recirculation    RG0E0150R

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