Manual Hydraulic Press


Manual Hydraulic Press

The Manual Press is designed to handle a wide variety of hydraulic pressing applications. They come in 15 ton press and 25 ton press variations and are especially suited for the preparation of solid samples for XRF analysis. When used with Specac Evacuable Pellet Dies, they are perfect for making KBr discs in FTIR analysis. The Presses can also be used with Specac Heated Platens for applications such as the preparation of thin polymer films.

Key features:

- Award-winning pellet press
- 15 and 25 tonnes configurations
- Polycarbonate safety guards
- Adjustable upper bolster
- Adjustable pressure control valve
- Vacuum ports
- Pressure release valve
- Low pressure conversion gauges available (0-1, 0-2 or 0-5 tonnes)
- Ideal for FTIR, KBr and XRF sample preparation

Order Information:

•  Manual Hydraulic Press 15 Ton (GS15011)
•  Manual Hydraulic Press 25 Ton (GS25011)

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