CKIC 5E-CS3700 Inorganic Carbon Sulfur Analyzer


CKIC 5E-CS3700 Inorganic Carbon Sulfur Analyzer

5E-CS3700 Inorganic Carbon Sulfur Analyzer integrates the high-frequency combustion and infrared analysis. It has wide analysis ranges, various sample types, and high analysis accuracy.Instrument is equipped with three detection systems, including high-carbon, low carbon, and low sulfur.


Novel Design
1. Partial design of high frequency combustion and infrared detection.
2. Reliable pneumatic control system can continuously analyze 100,000 samples without any fault.
3. Unique design of reverse purging, which can continuously analyze thousands of samples without purging the furnace.
4. High precise gas flow controller is not affected by temperature, pressure and other external factors.
5. Infrared detection device with the unique photoelectric integration design
6. Motor imported from Switzerland can work continuously for 30000 hours without fault.
7. Ultra-porous stainless steel metal dust filter is corrosion resistant which can be used for a long term without cleaning.

Smart Software
1. Unique multiple curve is designed to store up to 40 carbon curves, 20 sulfur curves, and support the user to set their own curves.
2. Unique temperature, flow and peak width compensation ensures the accurate analysis result.

Friendly Operation
1. Identify the balance from various supplier worldwide.
2. Each analysis results can be sent to other computers via serial port or local network (UDP / IP protocol).
3. Optional large screen display.

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