CKIC 5E-IRS3600 Automatic Infrared Sulfur Analyzer


CKIC 5E-IRS3600 Automatic Infrared Sulfur Analyzer

5E-IRS3600 Automatic Infrared Sulfur Analyzer is used to determine the total sulfur content by infrared absorption, which is widely applied in power plants, coal mines, metallurgy, chemical industry, commercial inspection, scientific research, etc.

Standard Configuration:
Main analyzer   
A/C adapter
Silica wool
Standard Reference Material(GBW)
Outer combustion tube 
Inner combustion tube  
Boat stop   
O-ring kit 
Tool kit

High Automation 
1. Unique dual oxygen lance to increase the combustion efficiency. 
2. Maximum throughput with auto-loader, available for 60 samples per batch and easy to add or reduce sample quantity during analysis. 
3. Patented sample delivering system realizes smooth work flow of pulling and discharging samples.
4. The sample mass can be automatically sent to the computer by balance connection.
5. Available for unattended operation by intelligent sensor.
6. Auto self-diagnosis and auditory alarm.

Accuracy and Stability 
1. Top quality ultra-low drift infrared cell to ensure stability of the testing results.
2. Reliable single Si-C spiral tube heating components. 
3. Unique gas tightness structure to avoid the effect of SO2 in air.

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