CKIC 5E-S32 Series Sulfur Analyzer


CKIC 5E-S32 Series Sulfur Analyzer

CKIC Sulfur Analyzer is used to determine the total sulfur content in coal and liquid fuel. A sample is combusted in a dry air atmosphere; the gases evolved go to a electrolytic cell containing platinum indicating electrodes and platinum electrolysis electrodes. A small current is produced as the sulfur reacts with electrodes; the current is balanced and equivalent to the amount of sulfur present in coal.

Standard Configuration:
Main analyzer   
Electrolytic cell 
Standard Reference Material (GBW)
Tungsten trioxide
Silica wool 
Tool kit

Optional Configuration:
Quartz sand for oil testing

Models Available:
5E-S3210  Manual Sample Loading
5E-S3220  Automatic Sample Loading with Robotic Arm

High Automation
The stirring speed and pumping/blowing flow are controlled automatically and make customizable settings as required. With high quality sensors, it can realize precise control.

Easy Operation
1. Large volume reagent tube to minimize the maintenance of changing the reagent and the desiccant can be used repeatedly.
2. Multiple controls available, that is, one computer can control several sulfur analyzers at the same time.

Additional features for 5E-S3220
Loading sample automatically with robotic arm, high precision and high reliability. 40 samples can be placed per batch, and the samples can be added continuously. Test sequence can be adjusted as required.

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