CKIC 5E-DMA3000 Direct Mercury Analyzer


CKIC 5E-DMA3000 Direct Mercury Analyzer

5E-DMA3000 Direct Mercury Analyzer is used to determine mercury content in soil, sludge, waste water, food, produce, cosmetics, feed, fertilizer, coal, cooper concentrate, etc. It is able to directly measure the total mercury in solid and liquid samples without the need of complex sample pretreatment, effectively avoiding the loss of mercury in the pretreatment process, cross contamination and experimental environmental pollution, and ensuring the accuracy of the analysis data. Compared with the traditional chemical vapor generation- atomic fluorescence spectrometry method, the pyrolysis method is more efficient, accurate, stable and reliable in measuring mercury, which can greatly reduce labor intensity, and save 70% of analysis time and cost.

Standard Configuration:
Integrated Catalytic Amalgamation Tube 
Amalgamation Tube Resistance Wire
Low Pressure Mercury Lamp
Sample Boat
Sample Holder

Operation Principle:
Sample is dried by heating and burnt (pyrolysis) in oxygen or air. Its decomposed product is oxidized by the high temperature catalyst carried via oxygen. Meanwhile, interferent like halogen, nitric oxides, and sulfur oxides are absorbed by catalyst. Moisture is exhausted by pneumatic truncation, and the rest of decomposed product is further conveyed to sub-nanometer Hg-trap. Mercury atoms are selectively captured, and experience secondary atomization by heating Hg-trap. Flowing oxygen carries mercury atoms into the cold atomic absorption detector (253.7nm) for determination, and the total mercury content in the sample is directly calculated by the software.

Wide Applicability
Suitable for solid and liquid samples, Able to detect samples in 6 different levels, 0.005ng-1500ng.

High Efficiency
Single test only takes 2-4mins, one batch includes 45 samples, and emergency samples can be inserted at any time.

Easy Operation
Weigh sample and place it on auto feeder without digestion. Complete analysis with just one click on Start key.

Splendid Repeatability & Accuracy
Integrated catalytic-amalgamation tube ensures measurement repeatability; composite catalytic agent of high efficiency guarantees the accuracy of test results.

Low Cost
No need for dehydration consumables, consumable cost is 70% lower than the traditional method.

No harmful chemicals are used in the whole analysis process. The exhaust gas produced by the analysis is effectively absorbed.

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