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Laboratory Water Purification Systems

RephiLe water technology platforms include continuous electro-deionization (CEDI) technology as well as the other advanced purification tech nologies to meet the needs of various laboratories and pilot production requirements. In addition to optimized flow paths, each water system comes with a sophisticated process control management, which provides continuous purity monitoring after every purification step, so that an overall consistent and reliable performance can be achieved. The application of the internet of things technology in RephiLe water systems again offers improved efficiency and expanded freedom to laboratory professionals.

RephiLe provides a full range of lab water systems for small to medium size applications, water production from 5 to 600 liters per hour.

Main product series:
  • Genie Benchtop Water Systems -- Forward-looking design. Powerful
  • NuZar Benchtop Water Systems -- All-in-one. Competitive cost of ownership
  • Large Genie Benchtop Water Systems -- High output. Daily water production up to 1,900 liters
  • Super-Genie Centralized Workstations -- Highly integrated. Small footprint. Fully-featured

Laboratory Filtration Products

  • RephiLe offers quality Nylon, PTFE, PES, PVDF, MCE syringe filters/membranes for sample preparation.

Replacement Consumables for Millipore Systems

RephiLe offers a wide range of replacement cartridges and accessories for Millipore lab water systems with desired
performance and functionality.
Products include cartridges, UV lamps, RO membranes, EDI modules, etc.

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