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Crushing it since 1969.

At Rocklabs, reliability and accuracy are at the core of everything we do, from our precisely engineered sample preparation equipment to our highly accurate certified reference materials.

Your success is based on the decisions you make, and those decisions are based on the results you get. So we take our role in getting you accurate results and consistent representative sampling seriously. Not only is our equipment precision engineered for the most reliable results, our certified reference materials are some of the most accurate and reliable available. Each sample is put through international proficiency testing with the final values being evaluated and assigned by an independent statistician to make sure you are getting the clearest picture of your mining potential.

And since mining laboratories are often in areas that are difficult to access, our equipment doesn’t rely on overly complex technology. Instead, we develop systems that deliver better results with even better durability to reduce the risk of damage in tough environments and minimise the amount of required maintenance, saving you time and money.


Maximise your mine's potential.

We design our crushers, splitters, pulverisers and more to the most precise standards in the industry for highly accurate results you can count on. Each piece of equipment is also built to be modular and adaptable so you can create a full scale, end to end sample preparation system, or utilise a single piece of Rocklabs equipment within an existing system - whatever you need.


Sample Pulverisers and Mills Rocklabs pulverisers are designed to process a variety of materials, with a very low contamination of samples – because there is no room for error when it comes to your mine’s next move.
Crushers and Crusher / Splitter Combos The Rocklabs Boyd crusher was the world’s first double-acting jaw crusher, and it revolutionized the sample preparation industry. The Boyd remains the crusher of choice for countless laboratories globally, renowned for its high performance, ease of maintenance and operational reliability and we’ve continued to innovate specialized solutions within the range to tackle any crushing job, big or small.
Sample Dividers The Rocklabs divider range is designed from the ground up to provide extremely accurate results. Our rotating sample diviers (RSD) split out representative portions of the sample to provide best practise, unbiased and proportional sub-sampling with adjustable split ratio and either single or duplicate outputs.
Certified Reference Materials Rocklabs is the world-leading producer of high-quality certified reference materials (CRMs) for the gold, silver, platinum, and palladium minerals industries.