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We are the leading laboratory test sieves manufacturer in the UK

and we’ve been making sieves since 1998

Our Products
Glenammer is recognised globally for supplying test sieves into a wide and diverse range of industry sectors as well as laboratories, universities and test environments.
Our high quality laboratory test sieves comply with ISO, ASTM, and other worldwide technical standard bodies, and are recognised throughout the world as being one of the leading products for particle analysis and material separation.

Key features of our Lab Test Sieves
Our sieves are generally used for the determination of particle size. We are meticulous when it comes to attention to detail and because of the care we take when manufacturing our sieves we ensure there are no sharp edges.

  • Gap Sealant - 100 μm and below are sealed to ensure a smooth waterproof join between mesh and frame.

  • Mesh - Highest quality stainless steel grade 316 fine mesh is evenly tensioned across the sieve and complies with ISO331 and ASTM standards. Many of our sieves are also manufactured with a backing mesh to protect the fine screen.

  • Safety Edge - No sharp edges to trap unwanted material or cause safety hazards.

  • Laser label - 3D laser labelling technology provides clear and long lasting identification and uses no rivets or bulky metal labels for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

  • Serial Number - A unique serial number meaning each sieve has it’s own traceable number.

  • Robust Frame - Highly polished stainless steel frame grade 304.