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Discover Swiss-made dispersing solutions. Since 1962.

At Kinematica, our core values of uncompromising quality, in-depth expertise, and continuous innovation drive our work. With meticulous attention to detail, transparent processes, and a genuine consultancy approach, we provide tailor-made solutions for every application, including the most challenging ones. Experience our commitment to excellence and customized solutions for your needs.

LABORATORY & PILOT PLANT LINE Homogenizing and dispersing technology.

The Rotor / Stator principle for dispersing and homogenizing equipment, originally invented by KINEMATICA, has become the worldwide accepted standard for homogenizing and dispersing a solid, fluid or gaseous phase into a fluid phase. KINEMATICA Rotor / Stator homogenizers successfully process emulsions, suspensions and foams by reducing the size of solid particles, droplets and gas bubbles to a few microns or less. Small and large amounts of product are being dispersed in a more economical, faster and better way than with any other device.