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Specac | Spectroscopy Accessories & Sample Prep

Specac manufactures accessories for spectrometers, FTIR and XRF sample preparation equipment and a range of polarizers (as well as bespoke optics solutions). Get in touch to buy FTIR equipment and other tools. Get in touch online for an explanation of how our equipment can help you. We're always eager to help so please ask us any questions. Specac operates around the world and is represented by employees in the UK, USA and China. Thriving since 1971, the company's success is thanks to a commitment to product quality and customer service.

Laboratory Hydraulic Presses & Pellet Dies

Specac shop offers manual and automatic Hydraulic presses that are versatile equipment for laboratory sample preparation. With a pellet die, they can be used to press solid and semi-solid pellets (also called tableting press and briquetting press) for various spectroscopic and physical testing methods including infrared (IR) spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy, dielectric spectroscopy, tablet dissolution tests, and more. These hydraulic press machines are also able to compact powdered mineral, biological ceramic and metallic materials as a stage prior to sintering in the research and development of novel materials. With heated platens, a hydraulic press can also be used for preparation of thin polymeric films for either spectroscopic or material research purposes.

FTIR Spectrometer Accessories

Our comprehensive range of FTIR accessories for a variety of sampling techniques, including Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR), Specular and Diffuse Reflectance (DRIFTS), and Transmission cells. We also put together sampling kits and packs for rapid setup of academic and teaching labs. For advanced applications in research & development or academia there are accessories for high temperatures, low temperatures, and in-situ reaction chambers for fully controlled reaction environments.

Infrared Wire Grid Polarizers

Wire grid polarizers are used for splitting and filtering infrared light into parallel and perpendicularly polarized beams, such as required for many kinds of reflectance FTIR spectroscopy, ellipsometry, and polarimetry measurements. Wire grids are suitable for broadband applications over a wide range of wavelengths. Specac manufacture two types: holographic and free-standing grids. The former are produced on various substrates for the 2 - 35 μm wavelength range; the latter are tightly wound around a supporting frame and are best suited to wavelengths greater than 50 μm.

NIR Process Flow Cells

These process flow cells are connected remotely via fiber optic cables to NIR process spectrometers enabling real-time monitoring of industrial chemical processes as part of Process Analytical Technology (PAT). Our measurement cells are designed to withstand the rigors of process and environmental conditions while maintaining continuous measurement stability and have a proven track record of reliability and robustness in the most demanding industrial environments. The cells interface with the process stream in a variety of ways, including ANSI/DIN flanges and Swagelok connections. They feature Sapphire optics as standard and can be enhanced with features such as primary seal tell-tales and in-situ cleaning ports.