CKIC AA2288 Automatic Cadmium Analyzer


CKIC AA2288 Automatic Cadmium Analyzer

AA2288 Automatic Cadmium Analyzer can directly analyze cadmium in solid and liquid samples, requiring neither chemical preparation of samples, chemical reagent nor external high-pressure gas source. It is more efficient, more accurate, more stable, more reliable and more labor-saving than graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GF-AAS) and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS).

High Automation and Efficiency
1. Direct feeding with auto-loader which holds up to 45 samples each time and allows addition of sample whenever in emergency.
2. Capable of adding samples with the carousel loader as a whole and weighing all samples beforehand which will greatly improve efficiency

Wide Application
1. Unique thermal decomposition unit fits all kinds of sample matrices. Standard solution is used in drawing standard curve to better protect the environment.
2. Test cadmium content from 0.002mg/kg-100mg/kg of solid and liquid sample, which including rice of different quality, brown rice, baby food and other foods. With matrix modifier, trace cadmium in soil and mud can be tested as well.

Cost Saving
1. No need of external high-pressure gas source with built-in gas device in place.
2. Reusable sample boat or quartz boat made of material of high purity.

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