Zehntner ZG8150 Inline Digital Glossmeter

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The Zehntner ZG8150 probe has been designed from the ground up to bring comfort to gloss testing processes, no matter the surface being tested or the environment it is tested in.

The brushed-aluminum casing features convenient mounting holes for easy attachment to your production equipment (e.g. robot arm). The built-in targeting laser can be used together with the side-view of the measuring spot to make positioning accurate.

An easy to use serial protocol allows a fast integration into your production system. The ASCII string-based protocol gives you full control over the instrument. Configuration, calibration, and measurements can be fully controlled by command strings.

As its portable twin the ZG8000, the Zehntner ZG8150 benefits from a high-quality optical assembly, built upon 50+ years of Swiss Made expertise in optical instrumentation, combined with a long history of successful glossmeters from the Zehntner brand.

Despite its compact size, the Zehntner ZG8150 probe features a standards-compliant two-angle geometry for measuring high-gloss and mid-gloss surfaces at 20° and 60° of light incidence with high accuracy and repeatability. This also makes it possible to measure unwanted haze, i.e. the degree of reflection from inside a highly-reflective coating.

Traditional glossmeters have long suffered from measurement inaccuracies that are caused by stray light from natural or artificial light sources – such as from the sun or the subtle strobe effect of overhead halogen lights. However, the Zehntner ZG8150 features Stray Light Compensation – intelligent algorithms monitor the environment for stray light and utilize this information to exclude deviations, so that you can measure with high accuracy and peace of mind – anywhere, anytime.

With up to 20 measurements per second the ZG8150 is the fastest glossmeter in the industry. In an automatic setup this allows you to reduce your testing cost by shorter testing times – while not reducing the number of tests.


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