Ultrapure Water System

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From Tap to Ultrapure Water – Only One Innovative Step. The LaboStar™ TWF systems produce ultrapure water straight from your drinking water supply. This equipment incorporates a pre-filtration unit and a reverse osmosis membrane in one single compact module.

The Type III quality reading of the reverse osmosis water appears in the display. The pure water collects in an integrated tank and is finally circulated through the polishing module by a circulation pump. The user can extract either Type III water from the tank or Type I water from the dispenser with a quality of 0.055 μS/cm, equivalent to 18.2MΩ-cm, and TOC of between 1 and 10 ppb, depending on the system type.

The functionally designed LaboStar equipment can cost-effectively produce even small amounts of analytical grade water. The water quality exceeds all relevant standards including ASTM Type I, CLSI and ISO 3696 Type I.

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Ultrapure Water System

LaboStar™ System Advantages:

  • Ultrapure water circulation right into the dispenser head
  • Easy to dispense water using the practical dispenser
  • Whisper operation mode
  • Rapid and simple disinfection
  • Conductivity monitoring of ultrapure water
  • Pressure reducer included (only type 1 and 2)
  • Simple module exchange via quick-release connections
  • Protective jacket at the end of the sterile filter
  • 7 Liter Tank

Typical Applications:

General analysis, standard buffer, AAS, GC, IC, ICP, cell and tissue culture, pyrogen sensitive applications, microbiology, molecular biology, PCR,HPLC, and TOC analysis.

Ultrapure Water Specifications:

  • Output up to 1.2 l/min
  • Permeate rate: 9l/h at 25°C | 8l/h at 20°C | 7l/h at 15°C
  • Conductivity at 25°C: 0.055 μS/cm
  • Resistivity at 25°C: 18.2 MΩ-cm
  • TOC: 1-5 ppb
  • Bacteria: <1 cfu/ml
  • Endotoxins (with use of sterile filter, optional): <0.001 EU/ml Particles > 0.2 μm : <1 per ml

Feed Water Specifications:

  • Feedwater pressure: 0.1-5 bar
  • Feed conductivity: < 1400 μS/cm
  • TOC: <50 ppb
  • CO2 max: 15 mg/l
  • Temperature: 5 – 35°C
  • Power supply: 100-240V/50-60Hz

Download Product Specs:

LaboStar TWF Brochure

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