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The TECHNICAL demineralizers are widely used water purification systems powered by tap water, and retain 96-99% of dissolved organic and non-organic contamination. Fully automated and maintenance-free, equipped with a control and measurement system, monitoring all the stages of the water purification process. Obtained water matches the PN-EN ISO 3696:1999, ASTM, CLSI standards for the third* class water quality.

Perfect for dishwashers, analyzers, autoclaves, environmental chambers, water baths, HLP demineralizers, as well as, through developing a proper network, supplying several laboratory rooms and floors in an entire building.

* depends on the quality of tap water.

General information
• Powered fed by: tap water.
• Efficiency: 5-60 l/h.
• Water intake speed: 1-2 I/min.
• Retention level > 96-99%.
• Bacteria < 1cfu/ml *

Purity class of the demineralized water fits the PN-EN ISO 3696:1999 standard for a third class of water purity.

The obtained water may be used for mediums, buffer solutions, reagents. It can serve as a water supply for other laboratory devices: washers, analyzers, autoclaves, polishing systems etc.

*Device equipped with a UV lamp
** depends on the quality of tap water, retention level is 96-99%

Technical parameters:
• Works under tap water pressure.
• Water purification levels:
– sediment filtration module 5μm,
– module A2 (sediment-carbon-softening),
– UV lamp (optional),
– reverse osmosis.
• System efficiency: app. 5-60 dm³/h.
• Equipped with a pump (increasing the feed water pressure) with automatics.
• Retention level: 96-99%.
• Maximum filtrate pressure – 3 bar.
• Maintenance-free and automated.
• Equipped with a nozzle with a minimum range of 2 meters.
• Optional tank installation.
• Automatic system shutdown when the tank is full or the filtrate valve is closed.
• Optional connection to a dishwasher, an autoclave, a washer, a climatic chamber etc.
• May be used for making a demi water network with several water intake points.
• Maintenance procedures may be performed by the user (easy disposables replacement).
• Energy consumption: 40 – 100 W.
• Optional installation of a UV sterilizer.
• Can be installed by the user.
• Power supply: 230V/50Hz.

Functions protecting the device:
Pump shutdown when:
– the feed water pressure is too low (lack of feed water) by low pressure sensor,
– the tank is full by high pressure sensor,
• Thermal protection of the RO module, automated system shutdown when the feed water temperature is below 4°C or above 40°C (automatic C).
• Can be automatically shut down when any alarm occurs (automatic C).
• System auto-start. (automatic C).

Functions monitoring system performance (Type A automatic):
• 24 V automatics with a microprocessor control and measurement system:
– LCD display,
– Conductometer measuring conductivity and temperature of demineralized water in units μS/cm or MΩ-cm,
– temperature compensation,
– clock displaying date and time,
– system status information,
• Graphic and sound alarms:
– when need to change an A2 module (mechanical carbon-softening),
– when need to change a UV lamp (in models containing a UV lamp),
– alarm informing to replace RO module,
– service dates view,
– service phone number customization,
– RS 232 connector for modification of service, frequencies and alarm levels.
• Software.
• Built-in feed water manometer.

Functions monitoring the device (Type C automatic):
The device has an automatics with a microprocessor control and measure system that includes:
– colour Touch Panel display screen,
– conductometer measuring conductivity and temperature of feed water and treated by reverse osmosis in
units: μS/cm or MΩ-cm,
– displaying values compensated and uncompensated thermally,
– clock displaying date and time,
– current system status info,
– membrane module retention level info,
– tank fill level,
– water dosing (option),
– alarm informing about necessity to change the A2 module (mechanical-carbon-softening),
– alarm informing about necessity to change the RO module,
– graphic and sound alarms,
– service dates info.
• Built-in RS 232/USB connector for customizing service frequencies and alarm levels.
• Software.
• Built-in feed water manometer.

Feed water parameters:
• Conductivity < 1200 μS/cm
• Pressure > 3,0 bar
• Temperature: 4-40°C
• Hardness < 250 mg CaCO3/dm3
• Fe < 0,2 mg/dm3

Required connections:
• Cold tap water connection ½” or ¾”.
• 230V socket.
• Drain.


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