TECHNICAL SERIES for INDUSTRY Water Purification System

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Water treatment systems with an industrial capacity of 100 to 1000 dm3 / h. The stations allow receiving purified water of the third* purity class according to ISO 3696: 1999. Each device is designed and manufactured to meet individual customer needs. These devices can be used in the industry (pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, electronics, etc.) as a central unit producing demineralized water. The demineralizer, by distributing an appropriate network, can supply several laboratory rooms or floors in the building, as well as point laboratory devices.

* depends on feed water quality, retention rate is 96-99%

Technical specifications:
• The device is supplied with tap water.
• Degrees of water purification:
– filtration on sediment filters: cascade filtration on 20µm and 5µm high efficiency sediment filters,
– filtration on carbon filters: filtration on granular activated carbon to remove organic compounds, chlorine and chlorine derivatives,
– softening process (option): automatic softening station – rinsing and regeneration of the bed is carried out automatically, compact construction – corrosion resistant ion exchange column (fiberglass tank) placed inside the salt casing, high capacity for removing hardness ions,
– reverse osmosis station: efficiency: 100-1100 dm3/h (depending on the model), retention ratio 96-99%, recovery rate 60%, high pressure pump, retentate and permeate rotameters,
– UV lamp (option).
• Automatic and maintenance-free operation of the device.
• Retention rate is 96-99%.
• Water intake point – third * purity class according to ISO 3696: 1999.
• Tank for storing purified water (capacity to choose).
• Automatic system shutdown when the tank is full or the water intake is closed.
• Can be connected to a dishwasher, autoclave, analyser, etc.
• Possibility of creating a water distribution network with intake points covering several rooms or floors in a building.
• Control water intake points.
• Automatic membrane rinsing (possibility of individual setting of the period and time of membrane rinsing).
• Forced flushing of membranes (service).
• System designed for cold water supply: 5-40°C.
• Possibility of self service by the User (without having to call the service).
• Power supply: 230V / 50Hz.
• Stainless steel frame.

Functions monitoring system operation:
• The device is equipped with a microprocessor control and measuring system having:
– colour graphic display with Touch Panel function,
– conductivity meter measuring the conductivity and temperature of tap water,
– conductivity meter measuring the conductivity and temperature of purified water after reverse osmosis,
– conductivity measurement in µS/cm or MΩ-cm units,
– automatic temperature compensation,
– continuous control and preview of the degree of retention (degree of retention) of RO membranes,
– clock displaying date and time,
– alarm informing about mechanical and carbon filter replacement,
– alarm informing about replacement of the RO module,
– alarm informing about the UV lamp radiator replacement (option),
– information about the tank filling level on the device display,
– preview of service dates,
– menu in Polish, English, Russian or Spain on display,
– built-in RS 232 interface for communication with a computer ensuring the possibility of individual adjustment of service frequency and alarm levels,
– built-in USB connector for communication with a computer ensuring the possibility of individual adjustment of service frequency and alarm levels,
– computer program enabling individual settings of alarm thresholds and data archiving,
– built-in manometer.

Functions securing the system operation:
• Interruption of system operation with:
– low feed water pressure (no feed water),
– a full tank / closed water intake point.
• Thermal protection of the osmotic module, automatic stopping of the system operation at the supply water temperature below 4°C or above 40°C.
• Ability to stop the system when any alarm occurs.
• System auto start capability.
• Preview of monitoring messages / alarms.
• Purified water in the device meets the requirements of ISO 3696: 1999 for waters of the third * degree of purity.

* depends on the quality of the feed water, the degree of retention is 96-99%

Additional equipment / services:
• tank for storing purified water:
– pressure – option: 80 l, 110 l, 230 l, 320 l or 450 l,
– pressureless – capacity to be agreed (on request),
• compact device housing made of stainless acid-resistant steel (all system components, except for the tank, installed inside the housing),
• automatic softening station,
• tank housing made of stainless acid-resistant steel,
• full DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ qualification procedure with documentation,
• cooperation with building management systems (BMS).

Required connections at the installation site:
• cold tap water connection ¾ “or 1”,
• drain to sewage system (sewage grate),
• 230V socket.








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