SZM Series Stereozoom Microscopes for Routine Inspections

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OPTIKA SZM Series is ideal for routine inspections on several industries, offering a V-shaped Greenough optical path to provide 3D viewing and detailed inspections on samples with a significant depth.
Binocular and trinocular heads are 20mm field of view and 45° inclined to grant comfortable posture to the user even after several hours of operation. The 6.43:1 zoom ratio enables most samples to be observed at the appropriate magnifications (additional lenses allow higher magnifications).
An extremely wide stand selection gives the chance to create tailored stereomicroscope: choose among the several models available to cover every customers’ needs, in terms of illumination (including the state-of-the-art, exclusive X-LED³ incident light of 3.6W on selected models), arm extension (including overhanging stands) and focusing system. Special external illuminators and moving/heating stages are also available for specific applications.

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