Solvent Pump Foot Operated – Discharge Tube

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Barrel pump for solvents with rigid discharge tube.
Solvent pump foot operated for filling off high purity liquids such as solvents.
– Pouring flammable liquids: All medium-contacting parts are made of stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301) and PTFE. The Bürkle anti-static set can be used to ground the pump for dispensing flammable liquids so that no electrostatic charge forms.
– Protection against hazardous vapours : Due to the barrel screw joint and the stopcock, the container and the pump can be hermetically sealed. So that no dangerous vapours can escape after dispensing. This protects both health and the environment.
– Sturdy and practical design: The solid, durable industrial version of the solvent pump ensures a long service life. The pump works according to the overpressure principle. An excess pressure is built up in the tank with the foot actuator, forcing the liquid out of the container. Easy foot operation of the pump with foot actuator leaves both hands free for dispensing. The air hose can be quickly and easily connected and disconnected with the practical clip connection.

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