Sicco Glove Box Pure With Transfer Chamber (PMMA)

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Aluminium frame with panels made of acrylic glass, base panel made of polyethylene. Front panel with two glove ports and one pair of gloves size 9,75 made of UV-resistant EPDM. Transfer chamber with two doors on the right, external door with latch to prevent accidental opening, the tray extends into the workspace with opening of the internal door for easy removal of inserted products. Integrated ultraviolet lamp with life-time monitoring on the top side for air and surface disinfection in the workspace, exchangeable lamp. The ultraviolet lamp is an ozone-free radiation source that does not emit any radiation below 220 nm. Electrical power connection 230 V /50 Hz is required.
Inactivation of microorganisms such as bacteria by means of shortwave ultraviolet UVC-rays with germicidal effect. Disinfection of the interior space without any chemical disinfectants or high temperatures.

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