R SERIES Ultrapure Water System

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R demineralizers are devices that combine features of two series: Technical and Ultra into one system, optimizing investment costs by reduction of shared construction areas.
These devices produce ultrapure water fitting the FP and PN-EN ISO 3696:1999 standard for first purity class. They are also equipped with an extended automatics, that allows the user to monitor disposables performance, data archiving, individual adjustment of alarm levels for feed water parameters, water after reverse osmosis and ultrapure, along with controlling the function of automatic membrane modules rinsing. These systems also have a set of protections for comfortable system operation.

General information:
• Powered by: Tap water.
• Efficiency: 5-30 l/h.
• Purified water dosage speed 1-2 l/min.
• Conductivity < 0,055 μS/cm.
• TOC < 5 ppb.
• Bacteria < 1 cfu/ml.
• Particles > 0,2 μm < 1/ml.
• Endotoxins < 0,001 EU/ml*.
• RNases < 0,01 ng/ml*.
• DNases < 4 pg/μl*.

Water purified in this device fits the PN-EN ISO 3696:1999 standard for I purity class and  microbiological / physicochemical FP requirements for purified production water.

Obtained water may be used for instrumental analyses AAS, ICP/MS, IC, HPLC, GC, bacteria cultures, biochemical analyses, molecular biology*

* device equipped with an ultrafiltration module UF.

Technical specification:
• Device operates under tap water pressure.
• Water purification levels:
– sediment filtration 5 μm,
– module A,
– reverse osmosis,
– ion exchange demineralization (TOC),
– UV lamp: 185/254 nm or 254 nm,
– ultrafiltration module UF,
– microfiltration capsule 0.45/0.2μm.
• Automatic and maintenance-free system operation.
• System equipped with a recirculation pump.
• Mobile intake point of water – first purity class according to PN-EN ISO 3696:1999 equipped with a  microfiltration capsule 0,45/0,2 μm.
• Optional installation of an additional water intake point for general laboratory purposes – III purity class, according to PN-EN ISO 3696:1999.
• Built-in recirculation tank 2L with filter.
• Recurring, automatic purified water recirculation between water intakes.
• System equipped with a 10dm3 pressure storage tank (RO)
• Automatic membrane module rinsing.
• Automatic system shutdown when a tank is full
• User-performed maintenance procedures (easy disposables replacement).
• Intended to be fed by cold water: 5-40°C.
• Energy consumption: 100W.
• Optional user-performed device installation.
• Power supply: 230V/50Hz.

Functions monitoring system performance:
The device is equipped with a microprocessor control and measurement system, that includes:
• Colour display screen with a Touch Panel function.
• Conductometer measuring water pressure: feed, after reverse osmosis and demineralized (in μS/cm or MΩ-cm).
• Displaying values compensated thermally.
• Clock displaying date and time.
• Actual system state information.
• Membrane retention level information.
• Tank fill level.
• Alarm informing about necessity to replace the RO module.
• Alarm informing about necessity to replace the mechanical filter and module A.
• Alarm informing about necessity to replace the ion exchange module.
• Alarm informing about necessity to replace the UV lamp radiator.
• Alarm informing about necessity to replace the microfiltration capsule.
• Alarm informing about necessity to replace the ultrafiltration capsule.
• Graphic and sound alarm signal.
• Service dates display.
• RS 232 connector for service frequency and alarm levels adjustment.
• USB connector for service frequency and alarm levels adjustment.
• Software.
• Built-in feed water manometer.

Functions protecting system performance:
• Pump shutdown when:
– feed water pressure is too low (no feed water) by low pressure sensor,
– tank is full by high pressure sensor.
• RO thermal protection – automatic system shutdown if the feed water temperature is below 4°C or above 40°C.
• Can be automatically shut down when any alarm occurs.
• System auto start.
• System message/alarm view.

Feed water parameters:
• Conductivity < 1200 μS/cm
• Pressure > 3,0 bar.
• Temperature: 4-400C.
• Hardness < 250 mg CaCO3/dm3
• Fe < 0,2 mg/dm3.

Installation point connections:
• Cold tap water connection ½” or ¾”.
• 230V power supply socket.
• Drain.


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