PRO Series USB Cameras

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OPTIKA PRO Series includes a wide range, to virtually fulfill each application demand: from routine up to high-end cooled monochrome or color cameras, with CMOS or CCD sensors.
Top-class SONY sensors, worldwide recognized, ensure you to capture your specimen in beautiful true-to-life color, delivering incredibly accurate colors just as you see them.
For special applications, and requiring different observation methods, high sensor size cameras are preferred for the high sensitivity delivering high signal-to-noise ratio (low noise is achieved via cooling) and a large dynamic range.
OPTIKA Pro Cooled cameras provide an excellent sensitivity: Peltier-cooled (cooling to 45°C below ambient), with scientific-grade CMOS sensor, they ensure great performance in low light conditions, ultra-long exposure time and an impressive reliable color fidelity.
All the main operating systems like Windows, IOS, Linux are supported.

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