Power Hydraulic Press (Automatic FTIR + XRF Press)

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Specac’s Atlas™ Series Power Press is available in the following options: (i) 8 ton load configuration; (ii) 15 ton load configuration; (iii) 25 ton load configuration.

These bench-top presses have power-assisted hydraulics for ease-of-use and, with a small footprint, ergonomic design and low noise characteristics, they are appropriate for a range of applications in both modern laboratories and heavy industrial environments.

They are ideal for preparing KBr or XRF pellets.

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Power Hydraulic Press (Automatic FTIR + XRF Press)

The Atlas™ Power Presses 8T, 15T & 25T, are power assisted hydraulic presses operating to 8, 15 & 25 Tons respectively.

They have been designed to handle a wide variety of pressing applications, including XRF and IR sample preparation. All presses are fully compatible with Specac dies and other sample preparation accessories.

The presses enable the controlled release of applied load and can accommodate large samples up to 200 mm in diameter. The LCD display show press status and load conditions giving a digital display of load applied.

The Power unit is extremely quiet and operates below 62dB(A). Fitted with PETG safety guards as standard, the Atlas™ Series Power Presses are fully CE marked to comply with strict European regulations.

The Atlas™ Power Presses have a generous working distance of up to 155 mm between the pressing faces and are suitable for the preparation of KBr discs for infrared analysis using Specac evacuable dies. They can also be used with heated platens for applications including the preparation of thin polymer film substrates. The Atlas™ Power Presses are durable, easy to use and ideal for repetitive pressing operations at higher loads when used in conjunction with Atlas TM Series Lightweight Dies for x-ray fluorescence sample preparation.


  • 8 Ton, 15 Ton and 25 Ton load capability
  • Load settable in both imperial and metric tons
  • Microprocessor controlled pressure application and release
  • Large working distance between pressing surfaces
  • Fully CE marked
  • Low noise operation
  • LCD display
  • Multi-lingual display option
  • Integral high clarity PETG safety guards
  • Fully compatible with Specac sample preparation accessories
  • Ideal for FTIR and XRF sample preparation


  • Dual display function Brix/SG
  • Save over 8000 readings
  • Reading, user & config audit trails
  • Print to secure PDF
  • Simple USB “Back-up & Clone”
  • User maintenance prompts
  • Remote diagnostics & control

Download Product Specs:

Atlas Power Press Datasheet



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