Portable pH / Conductivity / Dissolved Oxygen Meters

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Versatile and Portable Electrochemistry Products for Wherever Your Work Takes You.


Versatile and Portable Electrochemistry Products for Wherever Your Work Takes You

After more than a century of perfecting the art of measurement through our durable weighing products, OHAUS precision is now available in a line of Starter portable water analysis meters, for measuring pH, conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids (TDS), oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and dissolved oxygen (DO). These portable meters offer convenience, reliability and durability in one compact design.

Standard Features:

  • Intuitive Software that Powers the Starter Series—Intuitive software and a well-organized display work in tandem to make operating the Starter Series a simple and straightforward task.
  • Compact and Ergonomic Design Creates a User-Friendly Experience—Starter portable meters fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Each meter also comes equipped with a retractable built-in stand that can be used to prop it up on a flat surface.
  • Reliable Calibration Results for Accurate Measurement—Starter portable meters track the accuracy of the calibration process right on the display, so that you can measure with peace-of-mind, knowing that your results will be highly precise.

Starter 300C Conductivity Meter
Starter 300C is the reliable and accurate choice for measurement of conductivity and TDS levels of liquids.

  • The 30 item library allows the user to store measurements data, and stored information and calibration data can be easily recalled with one touch.
  • Auto temperature compensation with adjustable temperature co-efficient for accurate measurements, and 4-pole and 2-pole conductivity probes which offer a large conductivity range that safeguards them from effects of polarization and pollution.
  • With a simple calibration process and quick delivery of measurement results, Starter 300C is efficient and easy-to-use.


Starter 300 & 400 Series pH-Conductivity-DO Portable Meters

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