POLYTRON® PT 1300 D High-End Handheld Disperser

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Research, development or quality control, all work towards a common goal: Sample analysis. The basic requirements for an impending sample preparation is the efficient disruption of systems, reproducibility of the results, and simple procedures.

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POLYTRON® PT 1300 D High-End Handheld Disperser



  • ON & OFF and speed control by simply pressing a button
  • The drive rests comfortably in the palm of your hand
  • The membrane keyboard is easy to operate and to clean
  • Changing the aggregate is easy with the Click & Go quick release
  • The EasyClean Design makes cleaning the aggregates simple
  • Low noise level

Intelligent Control System

  • Intelligent speed controls ensure a long service life
  • Stable motor speeds even during changes of viscosity
  • Using the MEMO button lets you save engine speeds and provides you with the option to recall and reproduce the setting later in order to process larger numbers of samples
  • The supplied PC software offers a remote control option or the recording of specific application parameters

Results Are Convincing

  • Smallest sizes of particles / droplets because precise ­analysis require homogeneous samples
  • Efficient sample preparation because fast dispersion saves time
  • Standard or custom-made aggregates perfected for and in cooperation with the users
  • Cleaning and disassembly EasyClean Design makes it very simple
  • Quick coupling of the aggregates by using Click & Go
  • Best materials available because without them, we could not call it Swiss Made
  • Durability is a Swiss virtue


  • General homogenizer applications, dispersions, suspensions and emulsions
  • Homogenization of animal and human tissue samples in a variety of fluids and volumes
  • Extractions of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) contained in pills and tablets
  • Sample preparation for medical diagnostic procedures as well as RNA/DNA analysis
  • Disruption of animal and human cells
  • Emulsions and suspensions in the smallest volumes
  • Cell disruption for enzyme studies
  • Sample preparation for gene technological research
  • Deagglomeration of united cell structures

Please refer to the product brochure for more detailed information and selection of AGGREGATES, ACCESSORIES & VESSELS.





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