Price On Request

For sampling very small quantities of highly potent, expensive or active powders for analysis. The smallest sample quantities from 0.1 ml to 2.5 ml can be collected with the PharmaPicker. By simply exchanging the volume tip in the collection cylinder for 0.1–1.2 ml or 1.25–2.5 ml, the sampling volume is modified.
The PharmaPicker has a length of 60 cm and can be extended repeatedly by 50 cm or 100 cm, maximum length 3.50 m. The PharmaPicker is available separately or as PharmaPicker Case in a handy transport box.
PharmaPicker Case consisting of: Collection cylinders in both sizes, extension rod 50 cm and 100 cm, handle, volume tips 0.4 ml, 0.6 ml, 0.8 ml, 1.0 ml, 1.2 ml, 1.4 ml, 1.8 ml, 2.0 ml, 2.3 ml and 2.5 ml (alternative sample volumes on request), transport box.

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