OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer

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Latest OPTi® Digital Handheld Refractometer offers versatility through its onboard library of 50 commonly used scales.

The new OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometer from Bellingham + Stanley offers versatile measurement of total dissolved solids and blend ratios of liquids in a highly reliable, premium quality instrument.

Thanks to its compact design and clever marriage of smart software and ergonomic hardware, OPTi refractometers are the perfect refractometer for use in the field, factory or laboratory. The OPTi features an easy-clean, stainless steel prism dish offering rapid temperature stabilisation and convenient cradling of sample compared to most optical refractometers.

The OPTi revolutionises the way in which digital handheld refractometers are supplied and purchased, giving customers access to an onboard library of 50 common scales including 0-95 °Brix, Refractive Index, °Baumé, Butyro, Colostrum Quality, Ethylene Glycol and many more. Up to three active scales are easily accessible by the user; with the onboard scale library just a few button presses away. Thanks to the vast range of scales and durable design, the OPTi refractometer is suitable for a wide range of applications; from the laboratory to the harshest of environments.

A unique AG Test Mode allows for the use of long-life non-sucrose based certified reference materials for measurement verification. A read delay can be applied to the “Read” or “Zero” functions to aid measurement stability. Temperature can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or centigrade, supporting use anywhere in the world.

Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, offer a complete range of handheld and laboratory refractometers suitable for measuring the concentration of solutions across many different industries including food and beverage, beer and wine, industrial, automotive, and life science.

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