NGA CASTORE XL iQ Qsight Membrane Nitrogen Generator with iQ technology for Perkin Elmer QSight Applications

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NGA CASTORE XL iQ QSight is a Nitrogen Generator with Membrane technology.

It is engineered to transform standard compressed air into a supply of Nitrogen up to 15 L/min with a purity up to 99.9% and with an additional outlet for dry and clean air. All of these outlets have its own internal flow/pressure regulator for an appropriate adjustment to guarantee safety and precision.

The CASTORE XL iQ QSight with its dual Nitrogen and Air outlets has been developed to meet specific requirements in term of gas, flow, purity and pressure for Perkin Elmer QSight applications.

A special carbon filter is used to remove VOC.

It can be used for LC-MS and the evaporation of solvents in samples being analysed.

The new iQ generators are equipped with an innovative direct drive motor-scroll compressor system (oil less) with inverter technology.

The exclusive electronic flow control combined with the compressor control by the inverter allows to generate Nitrogen with a higher purity using a smaller volume at less pressure of air which results in reduced energy costs and increase the life time of the compressor. Continuous control of the operating parameters of Nitrogen allows to maintain the system at its maximum efficiency.

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