HLP SERIES Pure Water System

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HLP demineralizers are powered by tap water and match requirements of an every modern laboratory, in areas of supplying with purified water for instrumental and analytical purposes.
Conductivity of obtained water does not exceed 0,06 μS/cm, so it is applicable for PN-EN ISO 3696:1999, ASTM, CLSI, FP standards.
Water may also be used for AAS, ICP/MS, IC, HPLC, GC instrumental analyses depends of model. In addition, our demineralizers are equipped with a microprocessor control and measurement system.

General information
• Powered by: tap water.
• Efficiency: 4-30 dm3/h.
• Purified water intake speed: 1-2 l/min.
• Conductivity < 0,06 μS/cm.
• Bacteria < 1cfu/ml*.
• Particles > 0,2μm < 1/ml*.

Water purified in this device fits the PN-EN ISO 3696:1999 standard for I*, II, III purity class, and microbiological/physicochemical FP requirements for purified production water*.

Obtained water may be used for instrumental analyses AAS, ICP/MS, IC, HPLC*, GC*, bacteria cultures*, biochemical analyses*.

* device equipped with a UV lamp and/or a microfiltration capsule 0,22 μm

Technical parameters:
• Device operates under tap water pressure.
• Water purification levels:
– sediment filtration 5μm,
– module A2 filtration (mechanical-carbon-softening),
– reverse osmosis,
– ion exchange demineralization,
– UV lamp – 254 nm (model: HLPUV),
– microfiltration cascade capsule 0,45/0,22 μm (models: HLPs, HLPsp, HLPUV),
• Automatic and maintenance-free.
• Equipped with a pump increasing the pressure of 24V power, with automatics (selected models).
• The water intake point (purity class: PN-EN ISO 3696:1999) equipped with a demi faucet with a minimum reach of 2m.
• Movable, regulated INOX frame strengthening water intake points, allows to regulate the settings up/down, right/left, front/back.
• Can be connected to a dishwasher, an autoclave, analyzers etc.
• Optional UV sterilizer.
• Power supply 230V/50Hz.
• Energy consumption: 10-100W.
• Can be installed by the user.

Functions monitoring system performance:
• 24 V automatics with a microprocessor control and measurement system:
– LCD display,
– conductometer measuring conductivity and temperature of demineralized water in units μS/cm or MΩ-cm,
– temperature compensation,
– clock displaying date and time,
– system status information,
• Graphic and sound alarms:
– when need to change an A2 module (mechanical-carbon-softening),
– when need to change an UV lamp (in models containing a UV lamp),
– alarm informing to replace microfiltration capsule (models with microfiltration capsule),
– alarm informing to replace ion exchange cartridge
– service dates view,
– service phone number customization,
– RS 232 connector for modification of service, frequencies and alarm levels.
• Software.
• Built-in feed water manometer.

Functions protecting the device:
• Pomp shutdown when:
– feed water pressure is too low (lack of feed water) by low pressure sensor,
– the tank is full by high pressure sensor.

Feed water parameters:
• Conductivity < 1200 μS/cm.
• Pressure > 3.0 bar.
• Temperature : 4-40°C.
• Hardness < 250 mg CaCO3/dm3
• Fe < 0,2 mg/dm3

Installation point connections:
• Cold tap water connection ½” or ¾”.
• 230V power supply socket.
• Drain.



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