Glass Fiber Filters

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Laboratory Filter Papers for Use as A Prefilter to Extend Membrane Life, Water/Air Pollution Analysis and Liquid Clarification.


Glass Fiber Filters


  • Highly resistant to chemical attack, biologically inert.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Thermostable: Can be used up to 500°C for non-binder type.
  • Store indefinitely: Unaffected by humidity.

GA-55: Thin filter recommended for clarifying filtration. Air pollution monitoring.
GF-75: Highest collection efficiency grade offered. Collection of very fine particles.
GA-100: Faster filtration speed recommended for filtering viscous fluids.
GA-200: Thick filter with high dust holding capacity recommended for filtering viscous fluids.
GB-100R: High and low volume aerosols for airborne dust and metal contaminants. Low trace metal contents
GB-140: High dust holding capacity recommended for SS(Suspended Solid) analysis.
GC-50: Thin filter with high collection efficiency.Prefilter for membrane filter.Scintillation counting.
GC-90: Filter with organic binder recommended for fine particles and aerosols. Prefilter for membrane filter
GD-120: Medium collection efficiency grade. Prefilter for membrane filter.
GS-25: Filter with organic binder recommended for SS (Suspended Solid) analysis. Higher strength and lower released fibers compared with no-binder grades.
DP-70: Filter with organic binder recommended for high concentrated liquid of protein and other substances. Prefilter for membrane filter.
QR-200: Thick quartz fiber filter with inorganic binder. Low adsorption. Monitor airborne particulates.
QR-100: Quartz fiber filter without binder. Superior chemical resistance, does not adsorb acid gases


  • Available in discs in the following diameters (mm): 21, 24, 25, 26, 37, 45, 47, 55, 70, 90, 110, 125, 150.
  • Order by specifying first the grade of filter then the diameter, e.g. GC-50 90mm, GA-55 47mm.

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