F5000 5 Gas Analyzer

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The F5000 5 Gas analyzer is a portable vehicle exhaust gas analyzer designed for emissions testing and maintenance of automobiles, trucks, buses, forklifts, burnishers and other vehicles.
The F5000 5 Gas analyser is ideal for monitoring emissions from vehicles that burn diesel, gasoline, propane, LPG, and CNG. This 5 Gas Analyzer can be used for engine tuning and diagnostics, pre-compliance verification testing, and to evaluate the effectiveness of fuel additives, catalysts, and other engine interventions designed to decrease emissions and fuel costs. The F5000 includes real-time data logging software that can be used for creating emissions reports.
– CO2 Sensor (0 to 20 %) NDIR
– CO Sensor (0 to 15 %) NDIR
– HC (Hydrocarbons) Sensor (0 to 10,000 ppm) NDIR
– O2 Sensor (0 to 25 %)
– NO Sensor (0 to 5000 ppm)
– NO2 Sensor (0 to 1000 ppm)
– AFR (Air:Fuel Ratio) & Lambda (λ) Calculations
– 12″/300mm Probe with S-Type Exhaust Fitting & Clamp

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