Empore™ Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) 96 Well Plates

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Empore™ 96-Well Solid Phase Extraction Plates are designed for high throughput solid phase extraction (SPE). 96 samples can be processed within a standard 8 row by 12 column microtiter plate formats. One disk plate can replace four separate runs on a conventional SPE manifold handling 24 individual cartridges per run. The 96 well format is ideal for sample preparation prior to LC/MS/MS or other high throughput analytical techniques.
The plate is molded from a polypropylene resin. An Empore™ extraction disk is secured in place at the bottom of each well with a sealing ring. A proprietary prefilter is placed above the Empore disk. This prefilter aids in preventing particulates and macromolecules from reaching the underlying membrane and improves the flow of biological samples, such as serum and plasma, through the plate.
The prefilter is composed of polypropylene microfiber layers of graded densities. Three different densities are used, with the coarsest one on top and the finest at the bottom. The top two microfiber layers are individual layers of material. The third microfiber layer, having the smallest effective pore size, is on the bottom of the prefilter and contains five individual layers of material. A porous polypropylene support membrane comprises the final layer.
• Formulation: C18 Sorbent Particles, C8 Sorbent Particles, MPC Sorbent Particles
• Industries:
> Bioanalytical (Pharmaceutical): Therapeutic drugs/metabolites blood, serum and urine, Clinical Phase I and II studies
> Environmental Analysis: EPA methods (waste/drinking/ground water testing, Pesticides/herbicides/PCB’s/EDC’s/POP’s/dioxins)
> Food & Agricultural: Residual metals/additives, Pesticides in wine

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