Climatic Chambers with Steam Humidifier (KKS)

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The KKS climatic chambers with steam humidifier do not emit ultrasounds and therefore allow insects breeding (e.g. Drosophila melanogaster). Compared to the KK chambers, they feature an extended temperature and humidity range and can be used for tests of electronics, plastic or building materials.


Growth of plants and fungus
Seeds germination
Microorganisms and insects breeding
Photostability tests
Food preservation tests
Any kind of research that requires a stable temperature and humidity environment (optionally light)
Tests of building materials

How to configurate your Climatic Chamber (KK):
1. Please choose the model and chamber capacity.
2. Choose your housing:
– Powder coated sheet housing (grey colour with graphite front panel)
– Stainless steel linen finish housing (INOX/G)
3. Choose your controller:
– TOP+
4. Special models:
– FIT – phytotron system – day and night simulation with intensity control

*** Please enquire from us for those models not shown in the model selection option above.

Type of Controllers:

Controller TOP+
All the units in the TOP+ version are equipped with a PID microprocessor controller with a large (5,7”) full colour touch screen, intuitive menu and user friendly software. They can be connected to Ethernet network for remote control from any computer, being one of the greatest advantages.





Type of Controller for Climatic Chambers

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