AirFlow PUF High Volume Sampler

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Sampling Features. The Air Flow Puf high volume sampler with the new microprocessor allow the user to view all setting and sampling data for a full compliance sampling status. The following data are available at display in a different screens:
– Selected sampling time (Max 9999 minute)
– Residual sampling time to stop
– Ambient Temperature
– Sampler cabinet temperature
– Barometric atmospheric pressure
– Sampling flow-rate
– Total sampling volume
– Total standardized sampling volume
– Sampling faults (flow or sensors readings)
– Wind velocity and direction, rain and Umidity (with optional sensors installed)
– Stored sampling data to download with RS232 or USB port

The new microprocessor capabilities allow the user to select and store in the memory up to 3 different programs with sampling settings ready to start. Four different parameters are available on the main screen in a graphic format as Ambient Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Flowrate and Standard Deviation.
Automatic re-start after power shut-off with all data stored in the memory.
The AirFlow PUF high volume sampler is a dedicated sampling system to collect simultaneosly gas and particles in a flowrate range to 120-600 liters per minute.
Fully in compliance with all standard methods EPA, ISO, ASTM, the AirFlow Puf high volume sampler is microprocessor controlled and a Venturi flow measurement system (ISO 5167 Compliance) keep the flowrate costant with a great accuracy.

Other Features
– Flow range 120-600 lit/min
– Pump type Three stage brushless motor
– Maintenance period Up 20.000 hours depending on work conditions
– Power source 220/240 V-AC 50 Hz – 110 V-AC 60 Hz
– Power Comps. (Ampere) 15 at start / 4 during sampling procedures
– Operative conditions -5° / +50°(-30°C with heating conditioning system)
– Dimensions 120x37x37 cm (hxlxp)
– Weight (Kg.) 12 Kg

Reference methods: Dir.CEE 107-2004, ISO 12884 (Gas and Particles) ISO 16362 (Particles), US-EPA TO4A, TO9A e TO13A (Gas e Particles) US-EPA TO4A, TO9A e TO13A (Gas and Particles), ASTM D-6209.

Adapter kit
This system’s true innovation lies in its ability to interchange preselectors thanks to adapter kits. These supports allow for easy adaptability and rapid re-connection of the sampler itself. The accurate flow control system ensures precise sampler regulation in all configurations. Impactors and inlets can be adapted for pre-existing Air Flow-Puf sampler dusts. Air Flow PM-HVS samplers can be modified in TSP samplers with a filter holder support with a 150mm and 8×10 squared filter, and it is also possible to insert a purified polyurethane foam support in line with the PM2.5 dust sampler for simultaneous sampling of PM2.5 and IPA.
Airflow HVS samplers are supplied complete with a power cable, instruction manual in Italian, adjustable support for uneven surfaces, control compartment lock and NMI certified standard means flow control certification. Software for transferring data memorised on the board and for later processing is also included in supply.

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