AirFlow PM1-HVS High Volume Sampler

Price On Request

AMS Analitica introduces a new impactor for Airflow HVS high volume sampler series, capable of isolating particles with aerodynamic diameter equal to or smaller than PM1.

The impactor do has a pre separation impaction stage for PM2,5 and works through a progressive separation system. This option eliminate the risk of particles overload on a single impact layer and ensure better sampling performances. The nozzles diameter was calculated on the ratio between the impact speed and the distance of the impactor surface.
The PM1 impactor may be equipped and supplied with a 150 mm filter holder connected at the PM2,5 HVS adapter inlet.

Two-stage new impactor for PM1 dusts sampling through Airflow HVS high volume sampler:
+ Sampling flow rate: 500 l/min
+ Particle pre selection through impactor PM2,5
+ Easy to disassemble for proper maintenance and cleaning
+ Manufactured entirely in anti-corrosion anodized aluminum
+ Equipped with filter temperature monitoring support
+ 150 mm filter holder

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