AirFlow HVS-TSP High Volume Sampler

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The high volume Air Flow TSP sampler is a dedicated sampling system to collect particles in a flowrate range to 120-1400 liters per minute. Fully in compliance with all standard methods EPA, the TSP high volume sampler is microprocessor controlled and a Venturi flow measurement system (ISO 5167 Compliance) keep the flowrate costant with a great accuracy.

The Air Flow TSP high volume sampler with the new PC electronic board allow the user to view all setting and sampling data for a full compliance sampling status. The follolwing data are available at display in a different screens:
– Selected sampling time (Max 9999 minute)
– Residual sampling time to stop
– Ambient Temperature
– Sampler cabinet temperature
– Barometric atmospheric pressure
– Sampling flow-rate
– Total sampling volume
– Total standardized sampling volume
– Sampling faults (flow or sensors readings)
– Wind velocity and direction (with optional sensors installed)
– Stored sampling data

The new microprocessor capabilities allow the user to select and store in the memory up to 3 different programs with sampling settings ready to start. Four different parameters are available on the main screen in a graphic format as Ambient Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Flowrate and Standard Deviation. Automatic re-start after power shut-off with all data stored in the memory.

+ Flow range 120-1400 liters/minute
+ Venturi electronic flow control system (ISO-5167)
+ High resolution large display LCD backlight RS 232 PC interface and USB port for easy files download
+ Sampling period are microprocessor based with standard deviation control and pressure drop check on filter
+ Wind velocity and direction connection interface included (no sensors)
+ Remote data handling with GSM/GPRS protocols (Optional)
+ External shelder in anodized aluminium for outdoor applications
+ Ambient temperature and barometric pressure detected
+ Adapter kit available to convert Puf sampler in high volume PM sampler
+ Class protection IP55
+ Adapter low ambient temperature kit (Max.-30°C)

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