AirCube® PUF HVS Dioxins and PAH High Volume Sampler

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AMS Analitica presents its new ultra-light and high volume portable sampler to collect air pollutants like IPA, PCB, Dioxin, pesticides and for alpha and Beta radioactive particulates, managed entirely by microprocessor and powered by electrical line power at 220V and in Direct Current at 24 V with an external battery pack.

The use of the AirCube Puf sampler is ideal in situations of emergency for sampling of toxic substances in the air during critical, environmental events with a high risk of pollution. The option of AC power an external battery pack allows its use even in situations where electrical standard power is not available. The 102 mm filter holder support comply to the ISO and EPA standards for IPA and Dioxin sampling. With the 55 mm support it is possible to carry out the radioactive particle sampling for type alpha and Beta compounds.

AirCube Puf high volume samplers complying with reference methods: Dir.CEE 107-2004, ISO 12884 (Gas and Particles) ISO 16362 (Particles), US-EPA TO4A, TO9A e TO13A (Gas e Particles), ASTM D-6209.

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