AirCube® Basic Portable Air Sampler

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Easy, manual flow regulation and volumetric compensation, digital temperature revelation display. Maximum flux 25 liters per minute.

Air Cube® Basic: environmental sampler system for fixed positioned sampling. Suitable for total dust,breathable dusts, noxiousgases andtoxicvaporsdispersed in the air and chimney samples.

The sturdy compact container in aluminum alloy light, it has been painted with epoxy powders, in order to be used even in the most severe atmospheric conditions. The device is equipped with a single head membrane, a compensatorable to coverpulsationsfree blowingflow between 0,2 to 25 liters per minute, also capable to equalizer load losses up to 500 mm/Hg inside the actual flow range.

The device is supplied with a temperature controller display, a bypass for adjustments and the suction flow control, double flow meter (for high and low flows) for the control of flow rate and a dry volumetric meter. The Air Cube® Basicsampler may be also powered with an integrated pack of battery from the Power Pack Cube series, being able to sample in every site, even where the access to main power outlets is very limited, maintaining 5h of constant sampling flow at maximum flow rate.

+ Lightweight and compact: 26x26x26 cm less than 8kg of weight
+ New series of battery pack attachable and replaceable
+ Estimated sampling battery life w supplied battery pack w the device circa 5h In complaint w UNI EN 12919:9001
+ Single head suction pump
+ Power supply: battery power pack Equalizer load losses 500mm/Hg Maximum flux sampling 25 liters per minute
+ Supplied with user manual in Italian and 150 cm 10×18 silicone tubes for withdrawal.

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