5E-XRF2500 EDXRF Spectrometer

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5E-XRF2500 EDXRF Spectrometer adopts energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrum (EDXRF), which is a qualitative and quantitative analysis technique for rapid and non-destructive determination of major and minor elements in various types of samples (solid, powder, liquid).

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Every second counts for process and quality control. Test results are urgently needed from the moment the sample is received. 5E-XRF2500 is equipped with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to load  samples, touch the button, and get high-quality results in seconds.

Compared with AAS,AFS,ICP and ICP-MS analysis technology, there is no need for XRF2500 to dissolve and digest samples, or use chemical reagent. The analysis speed of it is rapid without destroying samples. 5E-XRF2500 can be used to analyze samples, whether solid or liquid, pressed or powder, large or small.


Wide Applicability:
Suitable for solid, liquid, powder and particle samples.

Easy Operation:
There is no need for complicated sample pre-processing. Users only need to put samples into the test area and click Start to complete the analysis. 

High Efficiency:
1-15min for single sample analysis (which can be adjusted as required). 

Modular Design:
Free combination as needed fits a variety of usage scenarios. 

Low Cost:
No chemical and other consumables are needed, and no helium is consumed in vacuum mode.

Best Resolution and CR:
Adopt new generation VITUS silicon drift detector from Germany with the best count rate and energy resolution. Make full use of the output of 50W power optical tube, ensuring 5E-XRF2500 has high stability and sensitivity.

Wide Range:
All elements from Na-U are tested at concentrations ranging from PPM to 100%.

Safe Operation:
The test chamber of the instrument adopts triple protection measures including thick copper, electronic interlock design and software interrupt, absolutely ensuring no X-ray leakage in any test environment.

Touch Screen Control:
Ergonomic touch screen design allows operators to get rid of the keyboard and mouse constraints. Software design is simple and intuitive. Anyone can use touch screen control software to operate the instrument, making the whole analysis easier and faster.

5E-XRF2500 EDXRF Spectrometer Product Brochure

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