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Ledl and Crhák. Two foundrymen—friends who built their first furnaces for enjoyment and for their friends. Today, they own a company employing 230 people that ships furnaces and dryers all around the world and ships refractory castable shapes all around Europe.

LAC is more than just standard industrial furnaces and dryers. We meet your custom demands that others would refuse to even handle. We don’t simply sell machines. We want to stop by in a few months or years and make sure that everything is running like clockwork. And if it’s not, our servicing team will handle all repairs and reconstruction.

You can start using your new furnace almost immediately - we offer furnaces and dryers ready for immediate collection.

Furnaces for temperatures 120 – 850 °C
S – Dryers up to 200 and 300 °C
PP – Tempering furnace up to 450, 650 or 850 °C

Furnaces for temperatures 650 – 1340 °C
PKR - Gas-tight chamber furnace up to 950 and 1100 °C
PKRC - Gas-tight chamber furnace with air circulation up to 950 and 1100 °C
LZ – Ashing furnace up to 1100 °C
LE – Economy laboratory furnace up to 1100 °C
L – Universal laboratory furnace up to 1200 °C
LMH – Horizontal muffle furnace up to 1200 °C
LMV – Vertical muffle furnace up to 1200 °C
LG - Gravimetric furnace up to 1200 °C
PKE - Hardening furnace up to 1280 °C
LT – Tube furnace up to 1300 °C
LSP – Five-zone gradient furnace up to 1300 °C
LH - Laboratory furnace up to 1340 °C

Furnaces for temperatures 1200 – 1800 °C
LHS – Laboratory furnace with silit rods for up to 1400 and 1500 °C
VP – High-temperature furnace for up to 1600, 1700 and 1800 °C

Custom-made furnaces for special applications
CHTZ - Small workplace for chemical heat treatment of non-ferrous materials up to 950 °C
SKM - Hardening work-station laboratory table up to 1340 °C
LH 30 atyp - Hardening furnace up to 1200 °C
L 09 atyp - Bottom-loading laboratory chamber furnace up to 1200 °C
PKE 25 atyp - Hardening chamber furnace with protective gas supply container up to 1200 °C
LT 50 atyp - Tube furnace with programmable servo-drive up to 1300 °C
LT 150 and LT 300 atyp - Activating tube furnace with glass retort up to 450 °C
LT 90 atyp - Tube furnace for mechanical testing of materials up to 1100 °C