NuZar U24 Water System


NuZar U24 Water System

NuZar water system set, U24 produces ultrapure water (Type I water) and RO water from tap water directly. Quality of ultrapure water meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI, CAP, and ISO Type I water standards.

The NuZar water purification systems are compact and powerful. They are specifically designed for laboratories that demand a balance between cost of ownership and exceeding their purified water requirements.

The system is CE/RoHS certified. RephiLe provides full documents support to meet user’s GMP, GSP, GAP, GCP, GLP requirements.


General Specifications

Operating voltage

24 VDC

Input voltage

100 - 240 VAC

Main system power

< 190 W

Feed Water Requirements

Feed water

Tap water

Feed water conductivity / TDS

< 2000 μS/cm / < 1000 ppm

Operating temperature

5 – 35 °C

Feed water pressure

1 – 6 bar (15 – 90 psi)

Product Water Quality

Ultrapure water dispensing rate

Up to 2 L/min

Ultrapure water resistivity (@25°C)

18.2 MΩ­·cm

Ultrapure water TOC

< 5 ppb*

Particles in ultrapure water

No Particles with size > 0.22 μm (with a 0.2 μm final filter or RephiBio filter)

Microorganisms in ultrapure water

< 0.01 cfu/ml (with a 0.2 μm final filter or RephiBio filter)

Pyrogens (endotoxins) in ultrapure water

< 0.001 Eu/ml (with a RephiBio filter)

RNase in ultrapure water

< 0.5 pg/ml (with a RephiBio filter)

DNase in ultrapure water

< 10 pg/ml (with a RephiBio filter)

RO production rate

24 L/hr

RO water dispensing rate

Up to 2 L/min

RO water conductivity  (@25°C)

Typically < 20 μS/cm

RO rejection

97 to 98% ionic rejection (new RO cartridge)
> 99% organic rejection
> 99% particulates & bacteria rejection

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions (W x D x H)      

w/ integrated tank      

491 x 422 x 624 mm (19.3 x 16.6 x 24.5 in)

Weight (Approximate)


21 kg


30 kg

*When TOC Level of feed water is < 50 ppb.


Simple installation and maintenance

RFID tracking of consumables (RO Pack included) for enhanced management
- Easy to remove consumable access cover.
- Automatic RO membrane cleaning cycles (Cl2 and pH cleaning)
- Mercury-free germicidal UVC LED lamp preinstalled in tank sanitation module
- Reliable water quality and stable system performance

Automatic hourly recirculation of ultrapure water
- Stable RO permeability over a wide range of temperatures
- Diversion to drain if quality of RO permeate falls below a pre-set set-point
- Data traceability

Automatic data backup for up to 2 years
- Easy data transfer through multiple interfaces, such as LAN, USB, etc.
- Low running cost

Environmentally friendly. High recovery rate
- Self-maintenance functions for maximum RO membrane effectiveness and lifetime
- RFID record of cartridge history for predictable consumable replacements
- Highly-efficient cartridge
- Compact and small footprint

An in-built single pretreatment P Pack
- Placement flexibility - on the bench or on a wall
- All-in-one design. Space-Saver
- Main Components

- Optimized flow design to improve water quality stability & efficiency of polishing resins
- High pressure rated housings, proprietary sealing, and double O-ring design ensures operational confidence
- Cartridge color, label, and RFID recognition prevent incorrect installation
- Ergonomic dispenser with 2.4″color touch screen
- Two dispensers for one system
- Intuitive display - water quality with temperature compensation, volumetric dispensing and flow rate
- System alerts are displayed on the touch screen
- Effortless adjustment - dispensing rate (up to 2 L/min), manual and volumetric dispensing
- Choice of final filters: RephiBio and 0.2 μm final filter
- Two dispenser heights for the ultimate in flexibility

Storage Tank
- A 10 L integrated HDPE tank equipped with sanitization module, mercury-free germicidal UVC LED lamp (peak emission wavelength at 265 nm) preinstalled.
- Extendable to 30/60/100/350 L tank (with mercury-free tank sanitization module) if needed.

Main Applications

Ultrapure Water
- HPLC mobile phase preparation
- reparation of reagent blank solutions
- Sample diluent for GC, HPLC, ICP-MS or other analytical techniques
- Preparation of buffers and culture media for cell culture
- Preparation of molecular biology reagents, etc.

RO Pure Water
- Washing machine for glassware cleaning
- Feed water for laboratory animals
- Feed water for humidifiers, autoclaves, etc.
- Water supply for ultrapure water systems
- Hydroponics

Ordering Information

• NuZar water system set, U24 (RN0U020T1K)

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