About ScienceGates

ScienceGates Sdn Bhd is an established and dynamic scientific instruments trading company. We provide sales and service to private and government sectors. We are the exclusive agents for manufacturers from UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Czech, Poland, Spain, France, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and India.

ScienceGates provides Sales & Service to the markets as below:

Food & Beverage

Edible Oil, Feeds, Flour & Cocoa

Chemicals, Petrochemical & Polymer

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic



Commercial Testing Laboratories

Universities, Polytechnics and Training Institutions

Government Institutions

Materials Science & Life Sciences Research Institutions & Companies


Environmental Monitoring


Be an established business partner to Sciences & Medical Inventions in Asia Pacific.
Be entrepreneurial; build a culture based on our Core Values.


Through a combination of strategic partnerships with world respected manufacturers, local dealers and continuous improvement of systems and services, we strive to be your ultimate partner in business and customer solutions.


Develop trust by delivering total quality, solving problems quickly, and resolving issues equitably.

Respond quickly and efficiently to capture opportunities, and adapt our operating plan to meet unpredictable and inevitable change.

Encourage risk-taking and create partnerships to achieve the most user-friendly and technologically advanced solutions possible. 

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